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This is me in action during the Researchers' Night

(Perugia, September 2015).

Hard Skills in Research

Experimental skills

  • Daily experience of the non-linear phenomena involving photochemical reactions, photo-physical processes (such the up-conversion of incoherent light), oscillating reactions and chemo-hydrodynamic events.

  • Daily experience of both the steady-state and time-resolved UV-visible absorption and emission techniques. The time-resolution reaches the femto-second scale.

  • Experience of the synthesis of solid inorganic oxides used as catalysts for water splitting and their structural and photophysical characterization.

  • Temporary use of other spectroscopic techniques, such as InfraRed, Raman, X-ray diffraction for solid powders, H-NMR, and chromatographic techniques (especially HPLC).

Computational skills

  • Daily analysis and modeling of the non-linear dynamics involved in physical and chemical processes by MatLab, Origin Professional, and XPPAUT software.

  • Analysis of aperiodic and chaotic time-series by using TISEAN software.

  • Prediction of chaotic time-series by Fuzzy logic and Artificial Neural Networks inplemented in MatLab.

  • Analysis of transient spectroscopic signals by using the Maximum Entropy Method implemented in MemExp software.

  • Use of Gaussian for quantum-mechanical simulations.

  • Experience of COMSOL software and the operative system UNIX.


Hard Skills in Teaching

  • Experience in teaching Physical Chemistry and Photochemistry through lectures and experiments in a chemical laboratory and computational experiments.

  • Experience in teaching the interdisciplinary subject of Complex Systems through lectures and laboratory and computational experiments.

  • Experience in teaching in Italian and English.

  • Experience in communicating the interdisciplinary investigation of Complex Systems, Physical Chemistry, and Photochemistry to a non-specialized audience, students of low and high schools.

This is my current office


This is me in mountain (August 2018)

Language skills

  • Italian Language: native speaker.

  • English Language: Advanced.

  • French Language: studied at school.

  • German Language: studied in private courses in the 1990s.

Soft Skills

  • Determination and resourcefulness: conviction in tracing new paths in research and teaching.

  • Ability to plan and organize personal activities and those of the students of whom I am tutor.

  • Humility: awareness of one's limitations and ready to listen to constructive criticism.

  • Constant desire to deepen knowledge, broaden my views and improve myself.

  • Adaptation and Problem-Solving.

  • Ability to weave and maintain national and international collaborations.

  • Autonomy: ability to carry out one's duties independently without the need for supervision by anyone.

  • Ability to Know How to Listen and Ready to Help, guided by Christian Charity.

  • Passionate about my work and Dedicated to work.

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